Our Story

Two years ago, Arjan & I were in the weeds of life.

We were a great co-parenting team, but our relationship had been at the bottom of the list for five years. We had so much love to give to our family, but no time or energy left for each other. Don’t get me wrong - we loved each other A LOT, but there was no space for us. Something had to change.

We became empowered as a couple by getting clear on our values and committing to live our most intentional life. Making more time for our relationship and for our family was at the root of those values.

- Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico -  Jessica Blaine-Smith Photography  -

- Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico - Jessica Blaine-Smith Photography -

By putting our relationship first, the whole family has benefitted:

  • we work to live, not live to work

  • we make consistent couple time (the kids love when the ‘sitter comes over!)

  • we’re able to overcome couple & family challenges with more ease & confidence

  • we live by our values, not by the “shoulds”

A few fun things we’ve done lately:

If you…

  • Feel like the daily grind is wearing on you, but don’t know how to make changes

  • Love your kids like crazy, but have lost your sense of self in parenthood

  • Love your partner, but feel disconnected since having kids

…you’re NOT alone!

Get started now with these tools & start feeling connected to your partner and living your most intentional life.

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