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Dear parents:

Want to know the simple secret to having more energy for yourself & for your couple?

One word: Self-care.

Don’t know what “self-care” means?

I’ve got you covered.

Watch CTU 1.1: Self-care First & I’ll go through everything with you step-by-step.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of individual self-care and how it impacts your couple

  • Why self-care is part of your values foundation

  • The definition of self-care

  • What qualifies as self-care

  • How to find your perfect self-care recipe

BONUS: You will also get the Self-Care Worksheet. This brings the lesson to a whole new level - it helps you take action!

You will feel more connected to your partner, and have clear steps to start living life with more intention.

Give your couple the gift of time. Your kids will thank you.

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