Spring Re-birth: Through Loss Comes Opportunity

Happy Spring, friends!

We have one week left of our four-month family sabbatical and BIG news to share!

As you can imagine, our hearts are being pulled between saying goodbye to our community here in Mexico, while looking forward to being reunited with friends and family in Canada. It’s bittersweet. We leave will full hearts and rich memories.

Arjan and I have been busy working together on House & Hook and creating content for our upcoming online course Family Sabbatical 101 – can’t wait to share it with you in May!

My virtual private practice has been doing well, and I am looking forward to being reunited with my clients in real-life-person.  So amazing that technology allows us to maintain the therapeutic relationship. I feel so grateful to practice the art of empathic listening.

Work will be different for Arjan upon our return, as he was recently let go from his full-time job.

When we received the email, we were initially stunned.

We felt confused, angry, and lost.

This wasn’t part of the plan. Our (perceived) sense of control disappeared. We were relying on that financial security upon our return home.

But “What do we do now?” soon turned into:

 “Do we really want to go back to the 9-5 lifestyle?”

“Is this a sign that we are meant for a change in our lives?”

It was clear that this gap of employment created space for something new.

Without the obligation of a full-time job, Arjan can continue working for our business, while accepting contract work as a graphic designer. We can build our schedule and our life in a way that suits the needs of our family. We can truly implement the lessons that we have learned from our time in Mexico and bring them home to Canada!


The fear of the unknown has been replaced by feelings of hope, excitement, and opportunity.

Naturally, Arjan and I are now veterans at having big life talks, so this prompted deep conversation and plenty of self-reflection.

We are thriving as a couple here in Mexico. Our dream had always been to work together, and to have the time to do so has had me pinching myself daily. Plus, we get to swim in the ocean on our lunch break. It’s the perfect built-in day date!

The girls are also thriving here in Mexico. Their confidence has grown, they are integrating with local children, and their Spanish is improving by the day.

On Friday they had their last day of school. They spent the day doing a spring celebration and egg hunt, followed by a farewell cake. The girls were presented with fresh flowers and had a special friend circle ceremony.  When we got home, our youngest said, “I want to go to school tomorrow, mama. I am going to miss my friends soooooo much.” (Cue my tears here!)

As I think back to the intense first 7 days we had here, it’s incredible to see how far we have all come. We have been challenged as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. And yet, we have waded through to the other side, and the view is breathtaking. The lessons are rich and have truly been worth all of the hardship.

Which brings me to our next little bit of news.

Since we no longer have work obligations holding us to Toronto, we have decided to come back to Puerto Escondido for the full school year 2018-19.

Yes, August 2018 to July 2019.


It’s amazing. We are beyond excited.

There is a Waldorf school here that has a lovely community of parents. This is the driving force of our decision – to continue to give the girls an immersive language experience and an alternative approach to learning.

We look forward to enjoying the spring and summer months in Toronto, connecting with friends and family, visiting farmer’s markets, and soaking in all of the comforts of HOME.

With a full heart and deep gratitude for all of life’s lessons.

Happy Spring and re-birth to all of you, in all corners of the world.

Big Love,

Allison xo