What She Really Wants For Mother’s Day (But Won’t Ask For)

We all know that mothers want to spend quality time with their kids on Mother’s Day.

Most families are embracing giving the gift of “experiences” rather than objects these days, which is a win on all fronts.

Going out for a meal and having someone else make the reservation, cook the food, and do the dishes, makes mom feel taken care of and appreciated.

When little ones proudly present their homemade mis-shaped crafts, complete with hand-prints and “I love you, Mom.” written on them, you can bet that every mother’s heart explodes with love. These thoughtful gestures are what make the realities of daily parenting melt away.

However, there’s something else that every mother (with little kiddos) craves deeply.

Something that moms rarely ask for.

Something that shouldn’t only be reserved for Mother’s Day.

What Mom Really Wants

Beyond the homemade cards and brunch date, there’s something that every mother longs for:

Alone time.

It’s rare for mothers to have time to themselves. Time spent while the kids are at school, daycare, or napping, is typically spent being as productive as possible (am I right, mamas?).

Whether it’s picking up groceries, folding laundry, or planning carpooling, moms spend most of their alone time thinking about their family. Mothers typically carry the mental load of taking care of the details to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, and that load is hard to put down.

This is why moms need encouragement to take restorative, non-task-oriented time. With the support of partners and kids, you can help her take this time (and break out of the productivity trap!).

Grateful For Loving Partners

Since Mother’s Day events are organized by the partners (and we love you for it!), it’s important to acknowledge the positive impact this has on the whole family.

Dear Awesome Partners,

By taking the lead and making Mother’s Day plans, you’re:

  • modelling thoughtfulness to your kids

  • showing them that you care for their mother (builds a secure base & confidence in your children)

  • letting your kids be kids (subconsciously they learn that they don’t need to take care of you emotionally, because you’re taking care of each other)

  • creating quality time with your kids (increases connection)

  • showing them what love looks like, in action!

How To Give The Gift Of Time

Partners - listen up! You’re about to offer mom kid-free, guilt-free, uninterrupted, alone time. You’ll give her the Gift of Time voucher on Mother’s Day, and it will entitle her to a bonus day which you’ll schedule in the coming weeks…she’s going to love you for it!

Here are a few tips for you to make this happen with ease:

1 - Get the kids involved.

Rally the kids together pre-Mother’s Day and get their input on what mom might like to do on her own. Kids are full of creative ideas, they know mom really well, so together, you’ll come up with something amazing!

2 - Prepare the ‘Gift of Time’ voucher.

Can’t think of what mom will like? I’ve got you covered. Using the free ‘Gift of Time’ voucher, get the kids to draw or write what they love about mom. Then, when you present the voucher to her on Mother’s Day, fill-in-the blanks as a family. Going through this process together is a fun communication and listening exercise (love that).

3 - Schedule it.

Once you’ve completed the Gift of Time voucher, mark the date in your calendars and make it happen. Be sure to help the kids put their little details into action on the day, too.

Bonus - Plan something special to do with the kids, while mom enjoys her alone time. Everyone wins!


Moms love thoughtful gestures and time spent with loved ones. However, Mother’s Day can be put into action year-round, by giving mom regular alone time. Use the Gift of Time voucher to get clear on the details of alone time, schedule it regularly, and make the kids a part of the process.

To take this practice to the next level, parents can take turns giving each other the Gift of Time. By taking guilt-free time for yourselves, as individuals, you’re giving your kids the gift of happy, restored parents. Doesn’t it feel good to be the best version of yourself for them and for each other?

Grab your free Gift of Time voucher below and surprise mom with this meaningful practice!

Dear Moms - How do you like to spend your alone time? What does self-care look like for you? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this article with your partner, so they can take action ASAP!