What does “House & Hook” mean?

“Villa” means HOUSE in Italian. “Haak” means HOOK in Dutch. It’s a direct translation of “Villa & Haak” (that’s us!).

couple's counselling, family counselling, couple's therapy,  psychotherapy, long term relationship

Hi! I’m Allison Villa.

Keepin’ it real, since 1980.

Mama. Wife. Psychotherapist. Visionary of the family. Recovering perfectionist. Retired singer-dancer. Lover of sunshine, movement, and fresh food.

I’m here to teach you how to have a thriving romantic relationship post-kids.

Professionally, I’ve guided other couples through this chapter. I’m the content curator of the H & H blog, programs & courses.

Personally, I’m living proof that it’s possible.

Bio For Media Use:

Allison Villa is a Registered Psychotherapist who specializes in keeping couples’ thriving throughout parenthood. As a wife and mother, she understands how raising a family affects the romantic relationship and the challenges that modern parents face. With Allison’s virtual therapy practice, online courses, retreats, and monthly membership program, this keepin-it-real-mama teaches busy couples to live with intention & to use simple time-efficient strategies to connect with each other. When she’s not living ocean-side in Mexico, you can find Allison cycling around Toronto, enjoying day-dates with her husband, or busting out in family dance parties.

couple's counselling, family counselling, couple's therapy,  psychotherapy, long term relationship

Hey! I’m Arjan Haak.

Figurin’ it out, since 1971.

Dad. Husband. Graphic designer. Grounding force of the family. Proud Dutchman. Guilty of cracking Dad-jokes. Avid cyclist: road, cross, mountain...you name it, I’ll try it. Lover of indie music, movement, and fresh food.

I’m here to normalize the challenges that every couple faces after having kids.

Professionally, you’ll see my design and branding throughout H & H.

Personally, my life improved 150% by making our relationship the priority (a win for the whole family) & letting go of the “shoulds”.

Here’s the full story of how we went from surviving to thriving as a couple, and how you can, too.

If you…

  • Feel like the daily grind is wearing on you, but don’t know how to make changes

  • Love your kids like crazy, but have lost your sense of self in parenthood

  • Love your partner, but feel disconnected since having kids

…you’re NOT alone!

Get started now with these tools & start feeling connected to your partner and living your most intentional life.